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Lip art by Jazmina Daniel

September 9, 2016

Different from many of the Youtubers and make-up bloggers in the big wave out there, Lip art by Jazmina Daniel from Sydney goes that one step further. She designs and paints movie classics scenes on her lips, and the results are incredible. With 900k followers on Instagram, her creations include Lion King, Shark, Harry Potter and others. She uses a lot of gradient and licking effect on the lips, which is incredible!

Aphoto posted by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

A photo posted by Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) on

She also gives tutorials on her Youtube channel teaching how to create some designs using brushes, lipstick, glitters and eye shadow.

The photography in these pictures are my second favourite element with the first obviously being the art itself. The care that Jazmina takes to photograph in the best light magnificently accentuates the details. Continue Reading…

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