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#The100DayProject – Felt Creatures

August 22, 2016

Becky Margraf, a community Manager at based in San Francisco CA, created these adorable creatures in her #The100DayProject, and their smiley faces bring a little bit of happiness and a smile to my face.

She decided to hand-sew little felt faces over 100 consecutive days as part of a wider project. She completed #The100DayProject and shared her felt creatures everyday on her Dribbble. The results were magnificent…

#The100DayProject #The100DayProject #The100DayProjectAll the details of the creatures are immaculate, they’re all as adorable as each other. The attention she took photographing each with a contrasting background is just fantastic and makes them even more adorable. I wish she would put them for sale.

Check out more of her other DIY works on her website Feltbeasts. There’s not a shop yet, but fingers crossed. Continue Reading…

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