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No Man’s Sky – 2 Months On

October 12, 2016

Last month, Hello Games released their long-awaited space exploration game, No Man’s Sky. Following awe-inspiring teasers and stunning visuals at E3 and other gaming showcases, the world was thoroughly excited for this game. If you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of years and have not heard of No Man’s Sky, the game’s website describes it as “… a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy…” and the gameplay trailer looked a little bit like this back in 2014…

However, since its release to Playstation and PC back in August, it’s received quite a lot of hate and damning comments from pissed off gamers. Personally, I can see why this might have happened. I’ll say this now: this isn’t a game for everyone.

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like open world-like RPGs, it’s not for you. If you like open world RPGs but you’re more likely to follow the main quest than roam about the map, it’s not for you. If, like me, you’re the sort of person who wanders around Skyrim getting distracted by trees, waterfalls, the appearance of a wild deer and are quite content with simply roaming the map for hours on end, this game is likely for you. I also recently read a Kotaku article on ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) games, and the way it describes No Man’s Sky makes it a near perfect candidate for ASMR. You can read that article here and let me know what you think.

My experiences described here are only relevant to the Playstation 4 version of the game, not the PC version. I have heard that the PC version has experienced a few more issues, so you may struggle with these too if you’re a PC player.

You start out on a planet, and this planet will most likely be completely undiscovered and completely different to any other planet any other player will start on. This was one of the game’s initial main appeals; the entire universe is built on an ever-expanding algorithm, which means that no two players should ever have the same experience when moving through the game, making each journey a unique and individual experience. There are allegedly over 18 quintillion different planets available to discover in the No Man’s Sky universe, most with with their own evolved plants and animals. You can scan plants and animals you encounter and upload your discoveries to the No Man’s Sky servers; other people will be able to see your names if they ever come across your planet so you have to be a bit creative with the names. The aim of the game is to get to the centre of the universe by building hyperdrives within each star system you encounter and moving on to the next. I still don’t know what happens when you reach the goal, but I’ve seen rumours that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

My Experience


I personally find the game to be quite beautiful and have spent a long time just wandering the landscapes. One planet I came across had very pretty colours and another had a lot of cacti that looked like they were having a little party, so I named the planet “Cactus Party” of course.

Cactus Party

Cactus Party! See what I did there…?

I found this aspect of the game like wandering through Skyrim and marvelling at a particularly stunning landscape view you happen across. I took a few vista videos of some of my planets which you can see below.

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Pokemon fan art

September 16, 2016
Pokemon fan art

In light of the mass spread of the new Pokemon Go App it was only a matter of time for some fan art to follow. I was waiting in anticipation for something cool however I wasn’t expecting this. This Pokemon fan art takes those adorable little creatures and turn them into something a tad more aggressive. Massive credit to J. R. Coffron and friends for these “PokeMonstrosities” as they call them.

The Pokemon fan art shows the vicious side to these and of course my favourite definitely is the demonic Pikachu, above. Although it is demonic, the vibrant electricity mixed with the terrifying details makes this absolutely kick-ass!

Pokemon fan art Pokemon fan art

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Geek Summer Fashion

July 21, 2016
Sailor Moon Two-Piece

Now that the sun is finally starting to come out in England, we thought it would be the perfect time to stock up on some geeky summer fashion!

If you’re planning to go away this summer, or just fancy looking classy in the water, definitely check out these fab geeky swimsuits…

Wonder Woman Swimsuit

Whoosh in the water with Wonder Woman!

This Wonder Woman number will get you noticed as the hottest Amazonian warrior in the pool. The cape comes with the costume and is detachable so you don’t get drag when you’re speedily swimming. You can get this on Black Milk for 110 AUD, and they ship international.

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Vans X Nintendo Interactive Exhibition

June 3, 2016

Just a typical Thursday night at House of Vans London… having a bit of house party with a few Nintendo old school guests…

Thursday 2nd June 2016 marked the release of Vans new Nintendo line of shoes and apparel. Lollipop Geek was there for launch night to check out the fantastic new range and the interactive exhibition being held at the House of Vans in London. The exhibition has retro games, Nintendo remixes, and of course the brand new range of shoes! You can also explore the rest of the House of Vans and see the skate park, the history of Vans and have a drink or some food in the bar. The exhibition is well worth even a short visit.

If you want to check out the exhibition for yourself, head down to the House of Vans near Waterloo station, the exhibition is on until the 16th of June.

Vans stores in Camden and Westfield are stocking the new Nintendo shoes

Vans stores in Camden and Westfield are stocking the new Nintendo shoes



Shoe closeup

The new designs mimic some of Nintendo’s first consoles

Mario and new Vans

Mario showcasing some of the new Vans designs


Off the wall

The famous Vans slogan in Nintendo style

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What a wonderful game

March 15, 2016
Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

Somehow, I managed to stumble across another game, this time an app for my iPhone. I’m quite glad I have this mode of media to describe this as, without pictures, it would be almost impossible to get across the ridiculousness of the game.

The games icon and name kinda gives it away but, if it hadn’t been for these and you had simply clicked on the game you would be forgiven in not knowing what was going to come.

The number 5 at the top describes the level that you are on and how many walls you have to pass through. It counts down every time you pass a wall, which can sometimes be a struggle.

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

The game is similar to flappy bird, with the obvious changes in elements of design. You can see from the above image that I am about to smash straight into a wall, which is what I tend to do on many of my attempts. I definitely need more practice with these games, I surprised myself when I got passes the 1st level let alone got to level 5. Continue Reading…

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10 Amazing Pokémon Artists

February 27, 2016

To celebrate the announcement of Pokémon Sun & Moon, AND Pokémon’s 20th anniversary this weekend, we are showcasing our favourite Pokémon artists and their work! If you love Pokémon, or just want to see some pretty epic pieces of art, follow these guys on Instagram.


Risu-chuu is one of my favourite artists on Instagram. She’s so happy, lovely and you can really tell she has a passion for Pokémon and all things geeky. This drawing of Entei is one of my firm favourites of hers.

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Avengers Academy Review

February 26, 2016

Avengers Academy is a new world builder / quest based game where you recruit teenage versions of Marvel characters and enrol them into the the Avengers Academy, run by S.H.E.I.L.D and Nick Fury. Your mission is to stop the rival Hydra Academy from terrorising the local city and build some amazing superheroes along the way.

Avengers Academy

What would we do without Tony Stark?

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Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage game (quest for an Oscar)

February 18, 2016
Leonardo Di Caprio Oscar game

So I found this game the other day which I found absolutely hilarious!! I couldn’t stop playing, not because of how good the game is but because the content is amazing. The game is about Leonardo Di Caprio and his everlasting fight to win an Oscar.

It was created by The Line Animation and their official description of their games is:


And comes with the two #s: #REDCARPETRAMPAGE #OSCARFORLEO – I think they’re trying to tell someone something…

I documented my first attempt at trying to support Leo with his lifelong goal…

Leonardo Di Caprio Oscar game

A nice little motivational speech came first, I was ready and raring to go to help Leo get his first Oscar…

Leonardo Di Caprio Oscar game

Starting point came, I needed to alternate between G and H to make Leo run, the fasted I alternated the quicker he moved, space bar also allows him to jump. Continue Reading…

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Geek Love <3

February 8, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 09.43.26

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought we would look into the best way to show geek love! Whether your special someone is an elite gamer, a Star Wars fanatic or just a little bit nerdy, we have the best way to show them a bit of love.

Game Love

One of the strongest demonstrations of “together forever” is to get matching tattoos, and these game-crazy couples have gone all out to show their everlasting adoration for each other.

Link & Zelda Love

Mario & Peach Love

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Little Broken Robots review

January 25, 2016

Little Broken Robots

A new little puzzler has broken out on to the Apple App Store, and it has very cute robots.

Happy Fixed Robots

The aim of the game is to fix the various robots in the factory using a Flow-style fill-up-the-board game. The inside nuts and bolts of the robot only have a certain amount of moves attached to them, e.g. a 1 can only be pulled across 1 square of the board, 2 can go for 2 etc. and you must try to fill the board without leaving any spaces.

Fix the robots!

Once the board has been filled, the robot is FIXED! And will happily be boxed up and taken away. There is no hint to where the robots go once they are happy and fixed. I hope they go on to live happy robot lives and aren’t sent to live in servitude all their days.

Harder robot level

The gameplay itself can range from quite simple to quite complex and I found myself staring at a simple level, completely stuck. It is very similar to Flow, whose simplistic, minimalistic gameplay had me playing it for hours on end and actually getting quite good. I just need some time to get back into the problem-solving mindset and I’m sure I’ll be back into this in no time. It’s certainly an enjoyable little time-waster, perfect for short journeys or just playing whilst you wait for something. The levels are short, yet provide a challenge, allowing you to complete one or two in five minutes or less.

Sick pirate robots

The thing that really gives this game some charm is the robots themselves. The different designs of the sick robots really made me laugh. They range from the poor sad robot who needs a bit of cheering up, to the angry pirate robot, waving his sword at you in a piratey rage. I love the changing expressions of the robot’s face; as you fix them up, they get happier, but if you make a mistake or go back on something, they get a nasty shock and you start feeling bad for zapping them! Their little eyes follow you round as you fix them, which is a nice mechanic.

Robots gameplay

The cutesy animations very much remind me of Threes, the adorable changing faces of the robots bring a certain charm to the game. I am very much enjoying it as a quick casual game and look forward to seeing how the puzzles progress and what other mechanics Dragon Army can get into the game.

I give this game 7/10… Download Little Broken Robots today!

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