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Stranger Things – Fan Art

September 17, 2016

by Gabriel Soares C. Viana

Stranger Things was one of those series that brings you right back to your childhood (kids from the 80’s of course). With all the elements I always loved from the 80’s; Winona Ryder, the fashion, the moody synth from the opening track, all the 80’s classics in the soundtrack and of course, the influences. Very nostalgic!

It definitely seems like movies such as “The Goonies”, “E.T”,”Alien”, “Carrie”, “The Evil Dead”, “Silent Hill”, “Poltergeist” etc… were a rather inspired choice of basis the Duffer brothers used for Stranger Things.

As with all series that really blows its’ fans mind, there are those really talented fans that use the show as inspiration for their art. I chose my favourites that I found around the web, check these incredible illustrations out.

Rayner AlencarStranger Things - Fan ArtCheyne GallardeStranger Things - Fan ArtStranger Things - Fan Art Kevko76Stranger Things - Fan Art

Stranger Things - Fan ArtLaura García

Stranger Things - Fan ArtMatheus Bitencourt

Stranger Things - Fan Art

Stranger Things - Fan ArtMatheus Bitencourt Stranger Things - Fan ArtHendry Roesly

Stranger Things - Fan ArtFrancesca De Vivo

The best part about this 8-bit ‘80s version of the Stranger Things theme song is that chiptune music actually influenced the show’s intro. Furthermore the Stranger Things show uses synth-wave, mellow electronic music for the theme. This is especially relevant as it directly comes from technological and musical advances from the 8-bit technology.

Stranger Things - Fan Artby Celia KasparStranger Things - Fan ArtAlonso Molina

Stranger Things - Fan Art

Matt Ferguson Livia ConstanteStranger Things - Fan Art Stranger Things - Fan ArtNei Ramos

Glen BroganStranger Things - Fan Art Leo Shark
Stranger Things - Fan ArtSteelbergStranger Things - Fan Art Stranger Things - Fan ArtLaryssa Wannelle Stranger Things - Fan ArtJulio Cesar

Hope you enjoyed all of this fan art as much as I did. I hope fans of all series never stop doing this because they definitely add something different!

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