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Pokemon fan art

September 16, 2016
Pokemon fan art

In light of the mass spread of the new Pokemon Go App it was only a matter of time for some fan art to follow. I was waiting in anticipation for something cool however I wasn’t expecting this. This Pokemon fan art takes those adorable little creatures and turn them into something a tad more aggressive. Massive credit to J. R. Coffron and friends for these “PokeMonstrosities” as they call them.

The Pokemon fan art shows the vicious side to these and of course my favourite definitely is the demonic Pikachu, above. Although it is demonic, the vibrant electricity mixed with the terrifying details makes this absolutely kick-ass!

Pokemon fan art Pokemon fan art

I love the dark side to all of these Pokemon. The artists really made them realistic and I could imagine that this is exactly what they’d be like if they were real!

Pokemon fan art Pokemon fan art

Something sick and twisted brought into this life of Pokemon. The arm in the mouth of Lickitung actually could be a reality, if they roamed the earth. It could be a repeat of the Jurassic era all over again…

Pokemon fan art Pokemon fan art

Terrifyingly beautiful is exactly the way I would describe all of these and completely in contrast from the Pokemon we know and love. The uniquely intricate details in all of these is amazing as an illustration to bring Pokemon to life. They are unlike anything I’ve seen before, this is Pokemon fan art at it’s best!

Find these including more of J. R. Coffin’s work here.

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