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#The100DayProject – Felt Creatures

August 22, 2016

Becky Margraf, a community Manager at based in San Francisco CA, created these adorable creatures in her #The100DayProject, and their smiley faces bring a little bit of happiness and a smile to my face.

She decided to hand-sew little felt faces over 100 consecutive days as part of a wider project. She completed #The100DayProject and shared her felt creatures everyday on her Dribbble. The results were magnificent…

#The100DayProject #The100DayProject #The100DayProjectAll the details of the creatures are immaculate, they’re all as adorable as each other. The attention she took photographing each with a contrasting background is just fantastic and makes them even more adorable. I wish she would put them for sale.

Check out more of her other DIY works on her website Feltbeasts. There’s not a shop yet, but fingers crossed.#The100DayProject#The100DayProject #The100DayProject
#The100DayProject was created by Elle Luna and a group of her friends on social media. Inspired by a grad school project and conceived by their teacher Michael Beirut, this is a perfect project for those creative souls out there. It takes a great teacher to inspire students to be so creative.

What a fantastic yet simple idea, each student chose one action to repeat every day for 100 days. Elle and her friends decided to share their projects on Instagram with the tag #The100DayProject.

Becky really smashed it out of the park with her project! Well done!

#The100DayProject #The100DayProject#The100DayProjectAnyone who has an idea and wants to start a project can be a part of it. More information can be found on their website, The great discontent, to understand the project better and when the next one starts.

Good luck, and if any of you start something, we would love to see what it is, share below.

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