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Geek Summer Fashion

July 21, 2016
Sailor Moon Two-Piece

Now that the sun is finally starting to come out in England, we thought it would be the perfect time to stock up on some geeky summer fashion!

If you’re planning to go away this summer, or just fancy looking classy in the water, definitely check out these fab geeky swimsuits…

Wonder Woman Swimsuit

Whoosh in the water with Wonder Woman!

This Wonder Woman number will get you noticed as the hottest Amazonian warrior in the pool. The cape comes with the costume and is detachable so you don’t get drag when you’re speedily swimming. You can get this on Black Milk for 110 AUD, and they ship international.

Harley Quinn Swimsuit

Careful not to attract all the Jokers this summer with this swimsuit!

Another irresistible swimsuit from Black Milk, this Harley Quinn costume is definitely one for the bad girl in you. We love the little neck ruff, it certainly makes you look like a badass. This costume is also 110 AUD and ships internationally.

Blue Dragon Queen Swimsuit

Become the dragon queen of summer

If you’re still sorely missing Game of Thrones over summer and still want to be the Mother of Dragons, then this costume is for you. You can be a blue dragon queen of the pool with this gorgeous swimsuit from Living Dead Clothing for just 69 AUD.

Sailor Moon Two-Piece

Get your crystal powers out!

Waiting in the sun to enhance the powers of Sailor Moon in the evening? Get your groove on in this fabulous two-piece with its adorable bow and skirt combo. On sale from Hot Topic for $24.50, and you can ship it to a store near you.

Batman Monokini


If you fancy yourself a bit of a dark knight hiding in the shadows away from the sun, maybe this Batman monokini is for you. You can grab it from Pin-up Girl Clothing for just $44, and they do ship to most countries.

Alice in Wonderland Swimsuit

Go down the rabbit hole…

Found yourself in Wonderland this summer? You might want to show off by the pool with this beautiful retro Alice in Wonderland swimsuit. Follow the white rabbit for just $17.99 from Lulu Tops.

Lumpy Space Princess Swimsuit

“My luuuuuumps!”

Maybe you’re going on an Adventure this summer. Make sure you show off your best lumps with this LSP swimsuit from Lulu Tops, just $17.99.

Reverse Mickey Mouse Bikini

Perfect for going on a Disney Adventure…

Heading on a steamboat cruise? Or maybe off to Disneyland? Rock this reverse Mickey Mouse bikini from Kooj on Etsy, just £61.18, and they ship worldwide.

Little Mermaid Bikini

Sebastian and Flounder not included

If you’re heading off under the sea for your holidays, you might want to grab this Little Mermaid bikini from Rotita, just £19.43 right now. You should definitely make this sexy swimsuit part of your world.


Now you’re going to need something cool and stylish to wear when you’re not sunbathing, chilling by the pool or diving into the sea. So we picked out some bits for you to keep cool and look awesome.

Westeros Tank Top

Where’s Jon Snow at?

Trying to find Westeros on your holidays? This Game of Thrones tank top from ThinkGeek might be able to help you out. Give it a read and see where you end up… just $24.99 at the moment.

Batman Tank Top

Jolly gee willikers Batman! You look great!

Flashing your bat-signal out on the town? Then you’ll definitely want this comfortable Batman top from ThinkGeek to find your Dark Knight. $14.99 at the moment!

X Men Graffiti Top

Looking mutant!

Taking a trip down memory lane? Then you should definitely be kitted out with this retro X-Men graffiti vest top. Going rogue! Just $25 from Her Universe.

Charmander Crop Top

Charm-ing! Gotta catch ’em all!

Trying to catch ’em all on Pokémon GO this summer? You can definitely attract some Charmander with this charm-ing crop top. Check out Soft Kitty Clothing for this and other Pokémon crop tops.

Pegasus Skirt

Fly my pretties!

Want to go out looking legendary? You should definitely get this pegasus skirt from Soft Kitty Clothing, you’ll be looking fly. Just £18! MLP fans would also enjoy.

Posion Ivy Dress

I’m just playing around!

If you’re looking for something even cooler, this poison Ivy dress might be for you. It’s super cute and will make everyone green with envy! Just £32.99 from Merchoid, but hurry, there’s not many left in stock!


Are you a busy girl this summer? Get your speed on with this Casino Nights Sonic dress, you just might get lucky! Only £10.50 from Insert Coin clothing.

Rey Hooded Tank Dress

You could cross deserts in this dress!

Still loving Star Wars? If you’ve got a BB-8 to go with this dress, it just might be perfect. ThinkGeek’s Rey hooded tank dress, just $39.99 right now!

Cupcake Dress


Feeling peckish when you’re chilling out? This cupcake dress from Soft Kitty clothing is so good you could almost eat it! We don’t recommend that though, fabric doesn’t taste too good! Look super cute for £35.

Pizza Dress

Omnomnomnomnom… Sorry we’re still eating…

Still feeling hungry and cupcakes just don’t cut it? Try this pizza dress on for size instead and show the world your cheesy obsession! Going for £35 on Soft Kitty clothing.

Let us know your fashion sense this summer, going for floaty skirts and badass tops, cute dresses or awesome swimsuits?!

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