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Who ya gonna call… Ghostbusters

July 11, 2016
Ghostbusters, Waterloo Station

Moving slightly away from the topic of Game of Thrones 😢. Something strange is happening in my neighbourhood… Well actually it’s in Waterloo!

If you’ve ventured into Central London today you may have noticed some tiny promotions for the new Ghostbusters film coming out this weekend in the UK!

These are fantastic and I bet cost quite a lot to create, especially in Waterloo!! But they’re so worth it, just take a look at how amazing the goo is dangling down on the tannoy system!!

Ghostbusters, Waterloo StationGhostbusters, Waterloo Station

 This fantastic beast… Incredible!! The fact that the ghost is jumping up from the floor of Waterloo station is enough in itself!!

Ghostbusters, Waterloo StationGhostbusters, Waterloo Station Ghostbusters, Waterloo Station

On a side note, even though I like the fact that it’s an all woman team, I am always unsure about remakes, especially the classics like Ghostbusters. I want the real cast back!!

Ghostbusters, Waterloo Station

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