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MCM Comic Con London – May 2016

June 4, 2016

Once more unto the breach! Lollipop Geek ventured to the ExCel arena in east London to wander round MCM Comic Con last weekend. We attended on the Friday this time and managed to catch some amazing stalls, artists, cosplayers and fans. If you were lucky enough to get there this year, you’ll know what we’re talking about! If not, sit back and enjoy our photos and overview of the event. To see more from one of the artists or stalls featured, just click or tap on their name!

The Main Exhibition


ESports setting up

ESports setting up

New games like Battleborn, ready to play

New games like Battleborn, ready to play


Exhibition of Marvel shoes by Julian Hakes

Exhibition of Marvel shoes by Julian Hakes


Showing off drawing skills

Showing off drawing skills


Tekken 7 getting its debut

Tekken 7 getting its debut


Sweets and drinks at Tofu Cute

Sweets and drinks at Tofu Cute


Time to chill out and play some more games!

Time to chill out and play some more games!


Comic Village

We met some amazing artists in the Comic Village and had a little chat to some of them.

Andreia Coutinho



Silvia “Silly” Ballardini and Annalisa Liverani



Lydia Butz and Hamish Steele



Kit Jo Yuki


“I get inspired by manga and lots of Lord of the Rings stuff. I’m mainly a fantasy artist and I’ve started dabbling in digital colour. I’ve spent about 10 years drawing and about 5 years doing comic cons, but MCMs are the best!”


Jessica Campbell

Fox in a Shoe

Fox in a Shoe

“When I’m drawing I go with whatever I feel like. At the moment I’m a bit addicted to jellyfish! This is my first London comic con.”


Nikki Stu


“I’ve been doing comics for about 10 years, I feel like I’m a bit of a latecomer to comics! I’ve been doing cons for about 8 years, I’ve been to MCM Manchester, London, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol. Bright colours always inspire me; I watched a lot of cartoons when I was a kid. I still watch some now! I love Steven Universe and my favourite new cartoon is Harvey Beaks, check out an episode called King of Pranks.”


Sarah Childs


“I find inspiration in everything. I once read a famous story about how the dragons in Avatar were inspired by race cars, so I always try to find something different to inspire me. I do find quite a lot of inspiration in video games, I’m always saving cool screenshots I find when I’m playing. I’ve been selling my art since October 2010 and I try to go to every single show in London!”




“I’ve been making art since forever. I get my inspiration from comics, video games and the like.”





Kavon Siobhan and Kavon Kayleigh

Kavon Doodles

Kavon Siobahn


Kavon Kayleigh

Kavon Kayleigh


Francesca Dare


“I’m quite into European comics like Asterix. I love being here in the comic village, I’ve been coming about 3 years, maybe more. I collaborated with Luke Surl and other artists to create this pack of playing cards. I really like walking round and getting inspiration from the other artists here, it’s quite a family atmosphere here!”


Nikki Wynne


“I’m starting to move away from the children’s book stuff now; I’m trying to do more dark fantasy stuff. I do like drawing fantasy creatures. I get inspiration from another artist called Shaun Tan. I’ve been coming to comic con for about 6 years now, I started when I was just 17.”



Amazing Cake Co.


“The hardest one to make was definitely the Charizard or maybe some of the anime cakes; they’re just all so detailed!”

Edge Sculptures


Gorilla and shark pieces from Edge Sculptures


All of the animal kingdom!


Super detailed wolf head. He even had teeth!

Cherry Slug

Mini bath bombs

Mini bath bombs from Cherry Slug


Big Bombs

All grown up bombs!


Frodo In Wonderland

Hold the door

Hold the door, it’s Frodo in Wonderland!

Press Start Art

Press Start Art prints

Press Start Art is pretty amazing. Love the Nuka Cola!

Cakes With Faces

Cakes With Faces

We love Cakes With Faces! ^_^

Beastly Beverages

Beastly Beverages

Beastly Beverages do some rather nice looking tea…

Cowazinga Digital Watercolours

Cowazinga Pikachu

Pikachu alongside Hogwarts

Cowazinga Star Wars

Some new Star Wars art

Dragonfly Heels

Dragonfly Heels

Some amazing shoes at Dragonfly Heels!

Juju Treats

Juju Treats

Juju Treats had amazing fashion sense, AND amazing candles and tea!

“The candle making started off as a hobby, but now I’m here!”

Snikt and Bamf

Snikt & Bamf

Snikt & Bamf posing for a photo!

Snikt & Bamf goodies

Some close up of their goodies




Fantastic BB-8 dress and parasol

Yellow Power Ranger & Rita

Power Rangers

Absolutely bloody awesome Power Rangers cosplay, LOVED this!

“Power rangers was my life, we both watched it! I finally had the guts to do a costume and this is the result!”

Disney Princesses


Beautiful Disney Princess dresses!

“These dresses took me about 4 days and 3 months to make. We used them in a Disneyland we created for underprivileged children in our area in Bournemouth and thought we could reuse them here!”

Harmony Incarnate Cosplay

Loved the dress here, such lovely cosplayers!

Loved the dress here, such lovely cosplayers!



Yoshi! Absolutely loved her costume, so cute!

“I wanted to test my sewing skills and I went Yoshi-themed! It took about a day to make the dress.”

Pikachu Battle Armour – La Geek Boutique

Pikachu Battle Armour

PIKAAAAACHUUUUUUUU! We dare you to fight this Pokémon!

“This took me about 6 months to make. I hope to sell it at some point too!”

Teresa from Claymore; Melfice from Grandia 2


Beautifully constructed cosplay!


Fantastic looking Melfice. A great likeness!

“The swords took the longest to make. We chose these characters because they’re anime style. I think it’s a fine line between looking like a dickhead and looking awesome sometimes, hopefully I’m on the right side!” (You guys were, your costumes were amazing!)

Alice In Wonderland – Alice’s Instagram

Alice In Wonderland

Breathtaking Alice In Wonderland costume, taken especially for Carla at Lollipop Geek!

“It took us about 6 days to make. I was going for a more traditional Disney look. My other costumes tend to be armour, this is the first one I’ve hand made myself!”

Tangled – Klysm


Totally adorable Tangled cosplay by Klysm

“We did the first version of this last year, it took about 7 months on and off to make. The wig took 3 whole days on its own! Tangled is our favourite Disney film and people say we’re a lot like Flynn and Rapunzel…!”

I didn’t manage to grab a photo of her wig, but here’s one from their Facebook page…

Rapunzel wig

Rapunzel wig. One word. AMAZING.

You can also buy wigs made by Cait from her Etsy store. Psych!

We hope you enjoyed our whistle stop tour of MCM Comic Con! Hope you can join us at the next one in October! See you there!

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