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Game of Thrones Se6ep4 memes – spoilers ahead

May 19, 2016

It’s time for my weekly meme appearance and the comedy that ensues due to some of the memorable moments of Game of Thrones Se6ep4. The memes on the back of these are brilliant, I think they get funnier and funnier every week.

The above image goes with the childishness that ensued with the small council meeting. It just felt like they were back in primary school with their little cliques. Glad this was the subject to a meme, it deserved it.

Game of Thrones Se6ep4

Fantastic! This guy is very sadistic and loves a good torture session, he’s even taken to torturing apples now and this amusing meme adding in the Theon reference as well. He can’t torture him (or cut any more body parts off) so he’s forced into torturing an apple. Although we all know how the end of this scene went so at least he managed to satisfy some of his sadistic urges!

Game of Thrones Se6ep4This was the most awkward scene… Will they? Won’t they? The amount of sexual tension between Brienne and Tormund was unnerving and unbearable. Especially during the scene when they were eating depicted here…

I laughed sooo hard at this! Both of these are amazing! I really hope they get together, Brienne needs some love interest in her life and Tormund is perfect for her.

Game of Thrones Se6ep4

Lol! Just lol! Simple yet brilliant, he was always going to take a second look, who can blame him? She is stunning!

Game of Thrones Se6ep4

This comes on the same lines as all the other memes where someone has gone through puberty and looks amazing after doing so. Kinda creepy looking in the first one but we all love our Khaleesi now!

Game of Thrones Se6ep4Game of Thrones Se6ep4

This was an amazing end to Game of Thrones Se6ep4! I got goosebumps and this could be the start of something new and amazing for her. The comparison between the other movies where their are main women characters who are seen as badass, who pale in comparison to the great Khaleesi! Bitch Please…

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