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Chocolatey madness

March 29, 2016
Super Mario Bros, brick, Easter

As you all will know, Easter has just passed us so I thought I’d share some of my favourite gifts with you all. They are all chocolate related, as you’d expect for an Easter gift! They’re also all quite geeky, as you’d expect from us!

Thought we’d start with Super Mario Bros. treats here! The “brick”, above, can be found here for $6.15 and would’ve loved it if every time I jumped up with Mario to hit one of these bricks, a little candy coin flew out of the screen, but her we can all dream! The egg, below, looks amazing! What a cool gift that would be, this one can be found here for only $25.

Super Mario Bros, egg, Easter


We will always love a Pokémon gift! These PokéBalls look delicious and would be a great gift for any geek. You can find it here and at only $10 how could you say no?!?!

Pokemon, Easter, Pokeball

Star Wars is always a classic and I don’t know how we could not include this next one. Can’t beat a bit of Hans Solo trapped in Carbonite, it might just look too good to eat, but I’m sure I’ll guzzle it down on the first day I get it! You can find it here for only £6.49, so what’re you waiting for?

Easter, chocolate, Star Wars, Hans Solo

Moving onto Marvel now as you all know that we love Marvel! Captain America vs Ironman is a cool way to eat your way through Easter and to be fair any other day!! Although they’re not necessarily very Eastery they still look good and would be a great gift! Find it here for only $10.

Iron Man, Easter, Avengers, Captain America, chocolate

A Harry Potter wand will be a fantastic edition to your stomach contents!! Although we’re not quite sure exactly who’s wand will pop through your door but just remember “It’s LeviOsa not leviosAR”. Get your own magical deliciousness here for only $10.

Harry Potter, Wand, Easter, Chocolate

Now to my favourite and of course it’s the most expensive! Get your very own edible dragon egg from Game of Thrones, not only does the egg look beautiful but as you break it open you’ll get your very own dragon out of it! Looks good, doesn’t it!! Get it here for $45, it will be worth it!

Game of Thrones, Egg, Easter, Dragon, Chocolate

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