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What a wonderful game

March 15, 2016
Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

Somehow, I managed to stumble across another game, this time an app for my iPhone. I’m quite glad I have this mode of media to describe this as, without pictures, it would be almost impossible to get across the ridiculousness of the game.

The games icon and name kinda gives it away but, if it hadn’t been for these and you had simply clicked on the game you would be forgiven in not knowing what was going to come.

The number 5 at the top describes the level that you are on and how many walls you have to pass through. It counts down every time you pass a wall, which can sometimes be a struggle.

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

The game is similar to flappy bird, with the obvious changes in elements of design. You can see from the above image that I am about to smash straight into a wall, which is what I tend to do on many of my attempts. I definitely need more practice with these games, I surprised myself when I got passes the 1st level let alone got to level 5.

I managed to pass through the 5 walls and then this image appears…

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

What happens next may slightly surprise you but some it may not. One little tap of the screen and you’ve gone and done it…

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

As you can see the very accurate image of Donald Trump becomes covered in bird defecation. At this point I burst out laughing so hard I scared my partner!!

I moved onto level 6…

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

After 30 minutes of trying really hard and even a few attempts by my partner, we managed to get through level 6. We both cheered!!

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

Once again we covered the lovable Donald Trump in bird poo. A high five ensued!! We also appreciated the extra poo emoticon added to Mr Trump as we had cleared this level.

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

We spent a bit more time attempting level 7 and finally gave up! May pick it back up another day but I hope you enjoyed the game and I really encourage a download, we may not be able to vote against Donald Trump and his ridiculous comments, remarks and policies but at least we can get a pixelated little bird to shit on him. The fantastic name of this game: Trump Dump!

Find here for ios and here for android.

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

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