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UK Mothers Day 2016

March 1, 2016

With Mother’s Day coming up on the 6th of March in the UK I thought it would be quite appropriate to bring out some nerdy gifts that you could all purchase for the greatest woman in your life. With a week left, hopefully this will help you for some last minute gift ideas.

The first item is a cheap and easy win.

Eintstein, bottle opener, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

It is a very nice bottle opener and at only £2, a bargain. Maybe this could come alongside your mother’s favourite drink. You can find it here. There are a lot of other items on this website which are quite cool, it may be worth digging around to find something which is personal to you and your mum.

The next gift idea is a little bit less nerdy and a bit more lovey but after all it is Mother’s Day.heart, mug, pixel, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp


Everyone knows that a cup is a bit of a standard present for Mother’s Day but this has a slight difference. As the cup is filled up with a hot drink, most likely tea if you’re in England, the heart starts to fill up too in a pixelated manner (it gradually turns red). Quite a nice surprise if you don’t tell you mum before she fills it up. You can get this here for $11.99 but might take a while to arrive from America. Again there are a lot of other interesting and nerdy mugs/cups on the website and it might be worth a search around to get something specific.

The next option is one that will look perfect in the house and for any book-nerd mothers.

book holder, superhero, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

This is a great gift and one ads a bit of nerdiness to the décor of the house. It is priced at $25 so not too expensive. You can find this here and I’m sure your mother will love this on a cabinet somewhere to display her books.

Now we will move on to a couple of gift ideas that will bring something nerdy to your mums’ smartphone charger.

star wars, C-3PO, phone charger,  Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

If she’s into the anything nerdy then this first one will take her fancy, a fantastic little book containing the Star Wars Trilogy but also doubles up to charge iPhones 5 and 6 as well as all android phones, it is available here for £39.98.

phone charger, lamp, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

This one is a tad more expensive at $79.99 but has a slightly more practical use. This can be placed on your mothers’ desk to help with her whilst she’s working but also double up to be a charger as well. I really like the portable charger ideas and the imagination coming with these and I’m sure your mum will too. You can get this one here.

I’ve saved my favourite two gift ideas until last. The first a pillow and the last a necklace with pendant.

pillow, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

This is amazing! I absolutely adore these pillows and I hope your mums will too. You can get this for a mere £21.47 and is incredible, it is so vibrant and is such a relevant pillow to everyday life as we know it! There are a lot of the other social media pillows on this website too, including twitter, snapchat and LinkedIn and they are all amazing! You can check them all out here. I’m sure your mum would love this as a present.

wonder woman, pendant, necklace, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

The latter of my gift ideas is a Wonder Woman pendant. This is beautiful and also shows your mum that you think of her as a superhero! I like this because it is wonderfully nerdy yet is also a stunning piece of jewellery at the same time. It also will be quite funny when your mum sees a piece of jewellery with a pendant and then looks at the picture and doesn’t see her, or you but sees a superhero. This can be bought here for £14.81.


Hope this has helped inspire some gift ideas and your mum receives the best present and appreciates the effort and thought that have gone into these gifts.


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