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March 2016

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Chocolatey madness

March 29, 2016
Super Mario Bros, brick, Easter

As you all will know, Easter has just passed us so I thought I’d share some of my favourite gifts with you all. They are all chocolate related, as you’d expect for an Easter gift! They’re also all quite geeky, as you’d expect from us!

Thought we’d start with Super Mario Bros. treats here! The “brick”, above, can be found here for $6.15 and would’ve loved it if every time I jumped up with Mario to hit one of these bricks, a little candy coin flew out of the screen, but her we can all dream! The egg, below, looks amazing! What a cool gift that would be, this one can be found here for only $25.

Super Mario Bros, egg, Easter


We will always love a Pokémon gift! These PokéBalls look delicious and would be a great gift for any geek. You can find it here and at only $10 how could you say no?!?!

Pokemon, Easter, Pokeball

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What a wonderful game

March 15, 2016
Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

Somehow, I managed to stumble across another game, this time an app for my iPhone. I’m quite glad I have this mode of media to describe this as, without pictures, it would be almost impossible to get across the ridiculousness of the game.

The games icon and name kinda gives it away but, if it hadn’t been for these and you had simply clicked on the game you would be forgiven in not knowing what was going to come.

The number 5 at the top describes the level that you are on and how many walls you have to pass through. It counts down every time you pass a wall, which can sometimes be a struggle.

Donald Trump, Trump Dump, Flappy Bird

The game is similar to flappy bird, with the obvious changes in elements of design. You can see from the above image that I am about to smash straight into a wall, which is what I tend to do on many of my attempts. I definitely need more practice with these games, I surprised myself when I got passes the 1st level let alone got to level 5. Continue Reading…

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UK Mothers Day 2016

March 1, 2016

With Mother’s Day coming up on the 6th of March in the UK I thought it would be quite appropriate to bring out some nerdy gifts that you could all purchase for the greatest woman in your life. With a week left, hopefully this will help you for some last minute gift ideas.

The first item is a cheap and easy win.

Eintstein, bottle opener, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp

It is a very nice bottle opener and at only £2, a bargain. Maybe this could come alongside your mother’s favourite drink. You can find it here. There are a lot of other items on this website which are quite cool, it may be worth digging around to find something which is personal to you and your mum.

The next gift idea is a little bit less nerdy and a bit more lovey but after all it is Mother’s Day.heart, mug, pixel, Mother’s Day, gift, presents, UK, social media, whatsapp


Everyone knows that a cup is a bit of a standard present for Mother’s Day but this has a slight difference. As the cup is filled up with a hot drink, most likely tea if you’re in England, the heart starts to fill up too in a pixelated manner (it gradually turns red). Quite a nice surprise if you don’t tell you mum before she fills it up. You can get this here for $11.99 but might take a while to arrive from America. Again there are a lot of other interesting and nerdy mugs/cups on the website and it might be worth a search around to get something specific.

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