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Avengers Academy Review

February 26, 2016

Avengers Academy is a new world builder / quest based game where you recruit teenage versions of Marvel characters and enrol them into the the Avengers Academy, run by S.H.E.I.L.D and Nick Fury. Your mission is to stop the rival Hydra Academy from terrorising the local city and build some amazing superheroes along the way.

Avengers Academy

What would we do without Tony Stark?

Characters include the film favourites Iron Man, Falcon, and Black Widow but also some other more comic book central characters like Ms Marvel and Wasp. You can pay real world money to get crystal credits in order to get access to certain characters like the Hulk, War Machine and Spiderwoman.

Avengers Academy campus

The Avengers Academy campus

But, you can mostly do missions to collect items you need to recruit the Avengers characters and progress the story. I am currently just trying to collect enough items to unlock the lovely Captain America who looks like a typical American high school football player.

Mission board

My current mission board

Avengers Captain America

The mission to recruit Captain America continues…

You can gather quests through character interactions and completing tasks. The characters will interact with the world around them and do their actions in the buildings you provide. Loki will dance the night away in the bar, Iron Man will fly around the campus, and Black Widow will start sneaking into hidden underground passages and hacking computers.

Avengers Tony Stark & Loki

Tony Stark can fly, but Loki sure can dance…

Loki & Black Widow

Loki can also levitate books. Black Widow is not impressed…

You can also purchase new outfits for your characters; the latest costumes are summer or beach themed putting Iron Man into an awesome surfer dude costume and giving Wasp a really cute sarong and hat. 

Surfing Iron Man

Surfs up…

Summertime Wasp

Wasps only come out in summer…

Black Widow Super Spy

Black Widow dresses warmly for the nuclear winter

I am quite enjoying it, this is a good game that you can just pick up and play for a short while and put it down again. You do need an internet connection in order to play though, so it might not be such a good one for your commute to work. However, it’s lots of fun and I’m enjoying the Avengers in-jokes and unlocking the characters. Black Widow would definitely download this game…

Iron Man

Glad to hear it…

The game is currently available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for FREE, so get building some superheroes and save the world!

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