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February 24, 2016
Bill Nye, Unstoppable, Bow ties

I came across some fashion accessories which were created with Bill Nye the Science guy!! The bow ties were made to promote his new book!

Everyone loves Bill Nye and I thought these really complimented his style and persona and I kinda like them! They’re a little bit of a guilty pleasure.

There are four from the collection that I really like as they are more nerdy than the rest.

Blue and Red bowtie

bow tie, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, periodic table

The first of these is my favourite! I like the colour, design and the fact that it is very nerdy is a plus!! The second is a little bit more subtle and is more likely to go with a normal outfit. Very cool and so Bill Nye!!

bow tie, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, science rules

bow tie, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, science rules

These bow ties are really cool and as they say, science rules!! I like the design of these and think my partner would actually wear any of these! Bill Nye clearly has a lot of style and is finally bringing it to the rest of the world! Well done Bill, well done!!

bow tie, Bill Nye, The Science Guy

There are also a lot of other cool designs that Bill has brought to us with the help of Nick Graham like this one!

Bill Nye, Nick Graham, Bow ties, Bow tie set


Currently all of the bow ties will cost you $29.50 but if you are a massive fan of Bill Nye and want to go that one step further then you can buy the signed book and bow tie set but that will set you back $150 or $75.95 without the signature.

Nick Graham is looking to add another nerdy element to his future collection by teaming up with Marvel! The collection involves smart clothes, which is very unusual and I can’t wait until they’re released to co-inside with the release of Captain America: Civil War in the Spring of this year (29th April). Should be a good day!

You can find all of the Bill Nye/Nick Graham collection here.

Nick Graham, Marvel, Clothes, shirts

Nick Graham, Marvel, Ties

These are so cool and my husband will definitely love these! Something he can wear to work and harness his inner nerd too, without anyone knowing!! It will be a perfect gift for him!!

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