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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

February 16, 2016
Marvel, Agents of Shield, Hydra, Art, Agent Coulson

Ever fancied yourself as an Agent of Shield??? I know I have, from the mysterious Melinda May all the way through to the villainous Raina, we are now in Season 3 of this epic series and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

If, as I could, see myself as an Agent then here are some memorabilia that every fan must have!

You can get Detective Coulsons’ ID holder – which actually is a wallet as well so is very practical – as well as a couple of other elements which will allow you to ID yourself as Agent Phil Coulson.

Wallet, Detective Coulson, Agents of Shield, Marvel, ID holder, badge holder

Find it here for $38.99

Another piece which my husband really loved was the tie clip and cuff-link combo which can be found here for $16.99.Agents of Shield, tie clip, cufflinks


They are very beautiful and I really think they would go well with his suit for work or for a night out!
There is also one for you ladies that love dressing up in cosplay. I have not yet done it but would love to for the next comic con that comes to London. This could be the perfect one! The Maria Hill cosplay looks great and is very chic too.

Agents of Shield, Maria Hill, Cosplay, Costume

You can get it here for £90.99 and it may just well be worth the investment.

You all know what a magical place Tahiti was and now you can take yourself to that magical place by filling up this glass with a magical potion which I’m sure will be bound to take you to your very own magical place

Tahiti drinking glass

You can get this here for £9.99

And you can’t have the cup without having the matching coaster, this will cost you £8.50 from here.

Marvel, Agents of Shield, Tahiti, It's a magical place

Obviously we can’t have a post without mentioning the Funko Pop! Versions of these, and disappointingly there aren’t that many, but I’m sure more will come as it becomes more and more popular.

Marvel, Agents of Shield, Lola, Agent Coulson, flying car

Funko! Pop, Marvel, Agents of Shield, Agent May

The lovely Lola holds her special place in the Pop! world, as does Agent May. Click on their names and you will be able to purchase these for £24.99 and £8.99 respectively.

I am definitely hoping many other characters come out soon, with the obvious ones being Skye, Deathlok, Fitz and Simmons (would like these last two together in one Pop!) but let’s see!

I absolutely love the art in the first image and if you do too you could buy that here for $49.95 – think I may just have to get this for our living room!!

There will be a lot more out there to help you become the best agent that you could. Keep an eye out for anything else that will support the cause.

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