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10 Amazingly Cute Tattoos

February 11, 2016
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Enjoy some amazingly cute tattoos!

Donut Kitty Tattoo

Cute, and incredibly tasty!

Kitty Doughnut 🍩

A photo posted by ✨ Keely ✨ (@keelyrutherford) on

Rikakuma Cats

Super cute Rikakuma dressed up as kitties! <3

✨Be still my heart ❤️ Rilakkuma Kitties ✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨ @hellookiki 🐱

A photo posted by @melvin_arizmendi on

Jack Skellington & Zero

Super cute Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo with the Pumpkin King and his best friend.

Artwork by @runeechan

A photo posted by @alexstrangler on

Pusheen eating Pizza

Everyone’s favourite cat snacking on everyone’s favourite fast food.

Pusheeeeeeeen 🍕

A photo posted by @alexstrangler on

Madeline Tattoo

Blast from the past, I used to love watching Madeline!

Thank you @littlebodybigheart 💖 Done at @goodlucktattoo Melbourne

A photo posted by Nat G (@ngxtattoo) on

Kittens in a cone

Might be a bit furry if you licked it… but still very sweet.

Chibi Cat

Love this little fellow, such a cute face!

Side of the knee for the lovely @vixtravox 💖

A photo posted by shell (@shell_valentine_tattoo) on

Elephant & Balloon Tattoo

Adore this little elephant being carried by the balloon. Amazing colours, just beautiful.

Cubone Tattoo

For the Pokémon fans among you, who could resist those eyes?

Squirtle Tattoo

Another for the Poké-lovers, super cute Squirtle with a Pokéball!

BONUS! Seahorse Tattoo

This colourful little guy is adorable!

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