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February 8, 2016
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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought we would look into the best way to show geek love! Whether your special someone is an elite gamer, a Star Wars fanatic or just a little bit nerdy, we have the best way to show them a bit of love.

Game Love

One of the strongest demonstrations of “together forever” is to get matching tattoos, and these game-crazy couples have gone all out to show their everlasting adoration for each other.

Link & Zelda Love

Mario & Peach Love

Mario LoveIf you want to take your relationship to the next level, and test your building skills this Valentine’s Day, you might want to create a Minecraft proposal level for your loved one to navigate and show them how much you love them.

If you just want to get a cute little present for your gamer geek, this adorable 8-bit heart mug would make the perfect declaration of love for your sweetheart. On ThinkGeek now for $7.19 in their Valentine’s Day sale.

Pixel heart heat changing mug

And if you’re just after a card, nothing says “I choose you” like two Pikachus in love. Grab this cute card from RedBubble for £1.26.

Pikachu Love

Film Love

For your adorable little film buff, you might want to check out these gifts and ideas.

Let someone know how far you would go for them with this bold Lord of the Rings print from Etsy. Love is as simple as walking into Mordor.
Walking into Mordor

If you are a major Star Wars geek, you might hint at wanting these adorable Star Wars bouquets from ThinkGeek. We have fallen in love with these tiny droids.

Droid Bouquet

If they would like a trip to the future to save your marriage with Doc & Marty, you could get them this shiny Flux Capacitor watch.

Flux Capacitor Watch

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, you could attempt to build something like this amazing piece… A Star Wars / Lord of the Rings lightsaber prepared for your proposal to your beloved! Just wow. Wow.

And if all you want is a simple card, humour is never amiss. Grab this Anchorman card and let them know they are a good catch.

Milk was a bad choice...

TV Love

If your special one loves nothing more than curling up in their duvet for a long, hard TV/Netflix binge, these gifts might be for them.

Even through all your timey-wimey adventures, you want your special person to know that you can conquer anything together. These lovely Doctor Who / Companion rings make a great gift to demonstrate that.

Doctor Who Companion Rings

If you both love nothing more than hanging out with Finn & Jake and their algebraic adventures, you could up your game and get something similar to this delightful shiny Jake ring. So shiny…

Jake Ring

Mad about Game of Thrones? These cards will be perfect for you…

Hodor Love

Jon Snow knows nothing...

Love you like a brother

And if you’ve really been getting into Making a Murderer recently, you might just want to buy this card…

Making a Murderer

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope you have an especially geeky one!

If you want to get inspiration for a geeky wedding, please check out When Geeks Wed!

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