Little Broken Robots review

January 25, 2016

Little Broken Robots

A new little puzzler has broken out on to the Apple App Store, and it has very cute robots.

Happy Fixed Robots

The aim of the game is to fix the various robots in the factory using a Flow-style fill-up-the-board game. The inside nuts and bolts of the robot only have a certain amount of moves attached to them, e.g. a 1 can only be pulled across 1 square of the board, 2 can go for 2 etc. and you must try to fill the board without leaving any spaces.

Fix the robots!

Once the board has been filled, the robot is FIXED! And will happily be boxed up and taken away. There is no hint to where the robots go once they are happy and fixed. I hope they go on to live happy robot lives and aren’t sent to live in servitude all their days.

Harder robot level

The gameplay itself can range from quite simple to quite complex and I found myself staring at a simple level, completely stuck. It is very similar to Flow, whose simplistic, minimalistic gameplay had me playing it for hours on end and actually getting quite good. I just need some time to get back into the problem-solving mindset and I’m sure I’ll be back into this in no time. It’s certainly an enjoyable little time-waster, perfect for short journeys or just playing whilst you wait for something. The levels are short, yet provide a challenge, allowing you to complete one or two in five minutes or less.

Sick pirate robots

The thing that really gives this game some charm is the robots themselves. The different designs of the sick robots really made me laugh. They range from the poor sad robot who needs a bit of cheering up, to the angry pirate robot, waving his sword at you in a piratey rage. I love the changing expressions of the robot’s face; as you fix them up, they get happier, but if you make a mistake or go back on something, they get a nasty shock and you start feeling bad for zapping them! Their little eyes follow you round as you fix them, which is a nice mechanic.

Robots gameplay

The cutesy animations very much remind me of Threes, the adorable changing faces of the robots bring a certain charm to the game. I am very much enjoying it as a quick casual game and look forward to seeing how the puzzles progress and what other mechanics Dragon Army can get into the game.

I give this game 7/10… Download Little Broken Robots today!

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