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12 Days of Geekmas
Day 8 – Cameras

December 15, 2015
la sardina lomography

Day 8 of the 12 Days of Geekmas! Today I will present to you my favourite analog and digital cameras in the market.

Besides making beautiful effects in photos, these cameras, in themselves, are a piece of art and a few of them are special edition made by designers. They are not just good for taking great photos, but also for decoration (I personally like to put my Diana F+ KIRAMEKI with my Toy Art).

Lomography (<3) you will see this word quite often in this blog, purely because I lurrrrrrrrv the Lomography cameras, you will see many of the Lomography options in this post. For those who don’t know what Lomography is, here is a summary by darkroom:

“Lomography is style of pop photography based around the quirky cameras by the Austrian camera manufacturer known as Lomo. There are several camera types that fall under the lomography genre. Among some of the more popular, are the Diana and Holga.”

Polaroid Socialmatic

Polaroid-Socialmatic-White-BlackWith this fun yet powerful little camera comes a sleek and stylish design that would be perfect for any chic geek! It has everything you would want from a camera, from the in-camera editing right the way through to the print function (allowing you to print your pictures wherever you are!! It even has its own mood assistant adapting to the situation, whether you’re printing, taking a photo or just want to stay in and chill, what more could you need?!?!4-socialmatic-news

I absolutely love the design and the excellent features, including the size which means you can pop it in your pocket and take with you wherever you go!! Get yourself this fun little gadget in time for Christmas here for $299! You won’t be sorry.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera


Available in a variety of Candy colours, this camera takes Instant Photos – Uses Fujifilm Instax® Mini Instant color film, each pack comes with 10 photos, so use them wisely.

The unique credit-card sized film is easy to carry in your purse or wallet and has that distinct white frame that you can leave blank or write personalized fun messages in, perfect for a gift to that special someone.

Instax mini 8 automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture, and informs you of the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp.



These are two photos taken with Instant mini

You can find this instant camera here for £63.99.


ActionSampler Clear

asp200_product_1_media_galleryHoused in clear plastic, this lightweight analog Lomography camera snaps up a series of four images on one 35mm print – an alternative way of capturing your moments.

asp200_product_3_media_galleryTake any 35mm film and any regular film processing. For best results use:

ISO 100 for bright sunlight
ISO 200 for fine weather or in the shade
ISO 400 for overcast weather, outdoors.


Photo taken with ActionSampler

Get this camera here for £29.00.

Diana F+ Cortinadianaf_cortina_front-w1500

This Lomography Camera Cortina is available in limited units only.

Just like the classic 60’s Diana F+ camera, the Diana F+ Cortina shoots glowing medium-format squares, emitting the distinct Diana look: soft-focus, vignettes and radiant colors. Use it with exclusive Diana F+ lenses and accessories for even more creative options.



Photo by Carla Costa using Diana F+

This camera uses 120mm film, and you can also buy other accessories like filters and the instant back to take instant photos with your Diana F+.

If you want to try taking photos like this, you can start your collection here for £89.00.


Fisheye No.2 Brazilian Summer


This is another Lomography analog camera that gives that cool fish eye effect on photos.  Giving a 170 degree view of the world and putting every detail around you into a mind-blowingly cool circular image!

It uses standard 35mm film and built-in flash unit.fisheye_no2_brazil_edition_back_kopie_ps


Photo taken with Fisheye no.2

This camera will cost you £79.00 and can be yours or can buy it as the perfect present from here.



Ever wanted to catch your most exciting moments??? This tiny camera is perfect for this, whether you’re into snowboarding (like I am) or Squash like my fiancée there’s a mount for anything and with it being weatherproof, shockproof and waterproof (up to 3 metres underwater) this is the perfect gadget for capturing the moments which you will treasure forever.


At only £79 (plus postage) from here it is a bargain to capture those memories to last a lifetime!! I’m sure there are other similar gadgets but the cool design of this is what attracted me to this and I know this is one of the things I want in my stocking for Xmas!


La Sardina and Flash Belle Starr


The rustic look with this oxidized metal body and ornate decorations makes this Lomography camera one of those that can be used not only to take photos, but also as a piece of art.

Belle Starr is attached with a Fritz the Blitz Flash for super-strong night shots; it also has an MX switch for experimental multiple exposures.



Photo taken with La Sardina

Get yours here for £179.00.

I hope you felt inspired to get your camera this christmas. Let us know which one is your favourite and share some pictures if you already have one.

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