12 Days of Geekmas
Day 6 – Kitchen

December 8, 2015

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Geekmas! Halfway through 😀 Today we will be looking at geeky kitchen stuff! Prepare for stunning glassware, amazing gadgets and wonderful food related gifts…

First up, make sure you’re prepared for the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with all of these amazing Star Wars kitchen gifts. Grab this lightsaber mug from Moonpig; bring the lightsabers to life, all you need is hot water!

productimageassociated (1)

Timing is everything when cooking, and this is exactly the droid you are looking for to help you make the perfect meal. Get this super cute R2-D2 kitchen timer from I Want One Of Those for just £11.99!


Think Geek are selling these stunning Star Wars Planetary glasses, you can get the set of 6 for $49.99.


Relive Christmases gone by with these fantastic retro gaming gifts! I Want One Of Those have this bright Pac Man bottle opener for £6.99; he will even stick to your fridge!


If you want to splash out a bit more, head over to Etsy and get this epic Space Invaders chopping board for $125! Chop up those pesky aliens!


Is it a retro console? Is it a toaster? We’ll give you a hint… don’t put any bread into it… 🙂 read about this very believable Nintendo Toaster here… Even the cartridges are toast!


If superheroes are more your thing, why not turn your breakfast into Batman with this adorable egg cup and toast cutter from Moonpig?


You could also eat brains for breakfast… Braaaaaiiinnnssss… For the person in the morning who isn’t alive before breakfast, this zombie cereal bowl is the perfect gift. Grab it from ThinkGeek for $12.99.


Everyone knows Iron Man is a cool dude. Have him keep your drinks cool too with this shiny Iron Man mini fridge.


Game of Thrones has some pretty amazing food in it. Can you just imagine sitting down to a feast at King’s Landing and seeing all that food? Well now you can make your own Game of Thrones party with this great cookbook – “A Feast of Ice and Fire”!


While you’re supping with kings and queens, down your wine in these sparkly house pint glasses from ThinkGeek for $11.99 for two. Pick a side!



And when you’re all done with feasting, make room for dessert and take a cookie from the dragon’s nest! Mind your fingers! Dragon egg cookie jar from ThinkGeek for just $29.99!

9-dragon egg cookie jar_0

Every good kitchen needs some decoration. Cakes with Faces have these amazing kitchen prints from just £3, they would be a super cute addition to any kitchen. Give your vegetables the chop and remember the cake philosophy 😉



Finally, something to make your fridge magical… These unicorn magnets are a great way to maximise your kitchen cuteness level! Just $9.99 for 3 sheets!


Is your kitchen as geeky as it can be? Why not show us?

Join us again for the next day of geekmas!

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