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12 Days of Geekmas
Day 4 – Geeky Bedroom

December 4, 2015

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Geekmas! Today we will be moving into the home and seeing what nerdy gadgets and fashionable items you can pick up for your bedroom.

Gadgets & Decor

No geeky bedroom would be complete without a few cheeky gadgets and beautiful nerdy decor! Grab yourselves a few of these beauties to geek up your hideaway.

This snazzy Cube Clock from Firebox will put a shine on any room. Comes in shiny aluminium, classy black or woody walnut and is priced at £29.99.


Any Star Wars fan would be in awe playing the Imperial March from these beauties! The Millenium Falcon as a bluetooth speaker, from Firebox at £49.99. Other models are also available!


Like listening to music while you sleep but hate it when your headphones dig into your face? Problem solved. Get this Sound Asleep Pillow from Firebox for £17.99! Simply plug in your music system and lie down to listen to your favourites.


Bedrooms always need some comfy cushions to relax on. Check out these amazing pieces of art of Boba Fett and Batman by Liam Brazier and sold from Striking Image at £25.00 each. See more of Liam’s artwork on his Facebook page.



For a more cutesy feel, head over to Cakes with Faces to get these adorable things to rest your head against. They’re SO CUTE you’ll want to hug them forever! Get them now from just £13.99!



Now you’re going to need some light to be able to see all of your amazing new things. How about adding this twisty Beetlejuice lamp from Omulamp on Etsy? Prices start from around £30.




Everyone wants to be comfortable and snuggly in bed. Grab a set of one of these lovely geeky pyjamas and snuggle down for the cold winter months! Most of our geeky pyjamas come from ThinkGeek. Check out their full range here, they have everything from Doctor Who to Harry Potter!

Look cute and be warm & cuddly in these adorable Japanese Kigurumi! Transform into a cute red panda or a scary dinosaur at will with these lovely onesies. Prices start from around $59.99.


Want to look your best when you’re swinging your lightsaber? Check out this Jedi sleeved blanket for just $18.74 (currently on SALE!)

Jedi robe

Getting cold feet this winter? Grab these super cute S’mores slippers, you can heat them up with a USB charger! You’ll be almost good enough to eat for $24.99!

Jedi robe

Something Geeky also have a great range of cute ladies pyjamas. Our favourites are these adorable Cthulhu jammies for £25.99!

Target are also selling these pretty awesome Marvel ladies pyjamas! Get the Marvel explosion for just $21.00 in the SALE!


You’re also going to want amazingly geeky bed sheets to show off your favourite things. Check out these for inspiration!

Travel through time and space as you sleep with this delightful Doctor Who bedspread. Coming at your from ThinkGeek from $19.99.


Redbubble showcase an amazing selection of geeky bedspreads, all customised by independent artists just for you. Here are some of our favourites…

Gotta catch ’em all… including this red Gyarados! Splash around with this beautiful Pokemon bed cover, inspired by ancient Japanese art.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 09.55.19

Get retro with this old school Game Boy bed cover! It feels like you’re actually playing a giant Game Boy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 09.58.16

When you’re working hard to go over 9000, you’re gonna need some inspiration. Grab this Dragonball cover to remind yourself that you’re working towards going SUPER SAIYAN!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.00.31

Finally, when you’ve hard a hard day adventuring with some algebraic people, you’ll want to come home to collapse into BMO’s warm embrace.


That’s all for now, what was your favourite? What geeky things do you have in your bedroom? Send us photos! 🙂

See you again tomorrow for more geeky Christmassy goodness!




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