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Hyper Japan Christmas Market

November 30, 2015

The last weekend of November saw the east of London light up with Japanese culture. From sake to anime, maid cafes to obscure games, you could find anything to happily fulfil any geeky taste at this wonderful event in the Tobacco Docks. The spirit of Christmas was truly alive as you wandered through the stalls. There were workshops creating Japanese art, and shows on the stage featuring Japanese music artists and fashion icons. Here are a few of the stalls we enjoyed the most! are a French company specialising in exquisite Japanese fashion and more traditional culture. They had some truly beautiful kimonos for sale, and were showcasing a spectacular set of samurai armour. The staff were all dressed in traditional clothing and it was a wonderful experience looking around the stall.

Samurai dress and armour

Samurai dress and armour

Japanese Bells

Japanese Bells

Tofu Cute had a massive store that had an almost permanent queue to get in. They were featuring plushies, candy and fashion, and doing a roaring trade. We managed to get in and buy some candy, but also stopped to admire the plushie mountain assembled in the middle of the store. SO CUTE. We also got our hands on one of these Ramune Japanese Soda Drinks, the peach flavour was especially lovely.

Tofu Cute Plushie Assembly

Tofu Cute – PLUSHIES!

Anipopgam were one stall heavily featuring super cute plushies. We especially liked their range of alpacas and anime toys.



The Kawaii Kollective were showcasing lots and lots of plushies, especially Gudetama, Sanrio’s lazy egg. They were also embracing Christmas giving by having a slightly late Black Friday sale! What could be better than that!? Check out some of their awesome Kigurumis (onesies) on their website!

The Kawaii Kollective

The Kawaii Kollective

Cakes with Faces are a British-based company with all completely original designs on cushions, t-shirts, watches and more. We love their quirky and kawaii designs, they truly bring a smile to our face. We also discovered their comic ‘How to Make Sushi’, this is definitely a brilliant must-buy for the sushi fan in your life. We are awaiting the Alpacalypse and will be wearing our t-shirts with pride!


Cakes with Faces!

Cakes with Faces t-shirts!

Cakes with Faces t-shirts!

This was some amazing artwork showing modern pop culture in a traditional Japanese art style. Pokemon, Star Wars, Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all featured, all impressively recognisable thanks to the artist’s fantastic work. We didn’t catch the artist’s name; if anyone knows, please tell us, we would love to tell them they are featured on our blog.

Modern pop culture meets traditional Japan

Pop-culture Japanese style!

Another fantastic artist featured was Asia Alfasi, a Libyan graphic artist and novelist. Her artwork was beautiful and it was really cool to see the Japanese style mixed with Libyan culture. She was drawing portraits throughout the day and she was amazing to watch; she really managed to capture the personalities of her subjects in the art.

Asia Alfasi

Asia Alfasi, amazing artist

Supercute bakery had some beautiful macaroons and cupcakes to snack on, we were overwhelmed by the amazing flavours on show! Black sesame ginger certainly sound interesting. We would love to try more! Check out their Facebook page for more delicious desserts & cakes!

Macaroons of every flavour

Supercute Macaroons!

London-based arcade The Heart of Gaming had brought a ton of popular and quirky consoles to entertain everyone with. We sat watching this crazy Japanese drum game, Taiko: Drum Master for ages, it was quite mesmerising. Arcade favourites like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros were popular as always and the dance mat had even made a resurgence for the event.

Taiko: Drum Master!


All in all it was a great day. We will be back again for the next event in July, see you there!

Hyper Japan 15-17 July

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