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Dragon Ball Tattoos by Adam Perjatel

November 22, 2015
Goku with Vegeta hair style

Goku with Vegeta hair style

Emperor pilaf tattoo dragon ball

Emperor Pilaf

Browsing for Tattoo photos, I came across this Tattooer on Instagram that does a lot of Dragon Ball tattoos.

As a big fan of the Anime, I was so impressed with the quality of these tattoos, it is as if he can bring them to life with so many details of the characters, it is amazing. So far, these are the best Dragon Ball tattoos I have ever seen.

Buu Dragon Ball

Majin Buu

Gohan Dragon ball tattoo


Eternal Shenron Dragon tattoo dragon ball

Eternal Shenron

You can find more of his work here.

He is a tattooer at @GreenAppleTattoo in Island Park, Long Island.

Green Apple Tattoo is located at 4000 Austin Blvd. in Island Park, Long Island – USA.

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