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MCM Comic Con 2015

October 30, 2015

Last weekend over 130,000 people headed to the ExCel arena to celebrate all things nerdy. We were among the hoardes descending on the east London docks with a group of friends, ready to get our geeky hands dirty.

Arriving in time for the 9AM doors opening, we wandered in to see what fantasmical wonders awaited. Stalls full of amazing and wonderful things were all around, fulfilling everyone’s fantasy. The Comic Village hosted some talented artists, my favourites including “Stupid Fox” and “Scandinavia and the World”. Really want a “Stupid Fox” plushie!

Vidfest showed off some interesting e-sports and Twitch stars. Old favourites, such as Mr Weebl and Tomska, that I can remember from my childhood still took to the stage. My friends were delighted to find a Weebl store equipped with a Cat Face clock and signed posters of all the gang. Sadly there were no bags full of crabs this year. The gang from Yogscast were amusing us with games, although no games of Hearthstone were won whilst I was watching. Another friend hurried to meet newer-comers Ashens and Barry Lewis who were super nice and gave her a signed poster. Rooster Teeth UK were also around the Vidfest and Twitch stands. We managed to catch a glimpse of a Counter Strike match too which was turning a bit one-sided when we arrived!

The other halls housed a few writers panels, with some of the Walking Dead and Dr Who taking centre stage. Although our group didn’t attend any of the panels, they were packed to the rafters with fans, some being standing room only. Celebrity signings were also taking place in one hall, with some of the Game of Thrones cast and the Adama family duo in attendance. We also had our photo taken with some brilliant and very efficient zombies to celebrate the Walking Dead, and attempted to win an American Horror Story DVD at the hotel stand.

And then we come to my favourite part: THE SHOPPING.

This is where most of my money went. There was a dedicated Fallout 4 stand where I donated much of my hard earned cash in return for a Nuka Cola t-shirt and Unarmed Pip Boy bobblehead. As I am always in need of more Pop! vinyl figures (despite having nowhere to put them at home or at work) I managed to get hold of almost the entire set of Bioshock Pops, narrowly missing out on a Big Daddy and Songbird. I was not alone in my quest for Pops, as fellow Lollipop Geek Carla, managed to finish up her Thundercats collection, and almost considered adding a Thundercats sword from the cosplay weapons stand (modelled here beautifully by her husband).

There was a strong selection of beautiful steampunk jewellery on display, and handcrafted delights set my girly side alight. The other thing that gets my inner girl excited was the fantastic display of plushies on show.  My friends from home saw fit to treat me to a Cactaur plushie from the Square Enix stall. Luckily he did not 10,000 needle me before we got home.

It’s also wise to sweep the food stalls for some fun and interesting Pocky flavours, along with some weird and wonderful Japanese snacks. I took home panda snacks and some strangely names animal crackers to take to work (the raccoon was definitely not a raccoon… -_-“) . There were a few stalls this year with other imports, including some original American snacks and drinks. I may have bought some proper Cheetos. They died in a matter of minutes that afternoon.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I think I have made a team of converts out of my friends and I’m hoping that they’ll be down for the next one. See you in May!

Did you attend MCM London this year? Let us know what you thought!

As usual there were a host of brilliant cosplays that left heads turning all day long. Here are some of our favourites below. If you know any of the cosplayers shown, please get in touch; we would love to reference all their hard work!


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