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October 2015

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MCM Comic Con 2015

October 30, 2015

Last weekend over 130,000 people headed to the ExCel arena to celebrate all things nerdy. We were among the hoardes descending on the east London docks with a group of friends, ready to get our geeky hands dirty.

Arriving in time for the 9AM doors opening, we wandered in to see what fantasmical wonders awaited. Stalls full of amazing and wonderful things were all around, fulfilling everyone’s fantasy. The Comic Village hosted some talented artists, my favourites including “Stupid Fox” and “Scandinavia and the World”. Really want a “Stupid Fox” plushie!

Vidfest showed off some interesting e-sports and Twitch stars. Old favourites, such as Mr Weebl and Tomska, that I can remember from my childhood still took to the stage. My friends were delighted to find a Weebl store equipped with a Cat Face clock and signed posters of all the gang. Sadly there were no bags full of crabs this year. The gang from Yogscast were amusing us with games, although no games of Hearthstone were won whilst I was watching. Another friend hurried to meet newer-comers Ashens and Barry Lewis who were super nice and gave her a signed poster. Rooster Teeth UK were also around the Vidfest and Twitch stands. We managed to catch a glimpse of a Counter Strike match too which was turning a bit one-sided when we arrived!

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